Wedding Cake MAC

THC: 15%
CBD: -
CBC: -
CBG: -


Wedding Cake MAC is a cross of two strains from the GSC family—Wedding Cake and MAC. These strains really stand out in appearance: Both are completely covered in trichomes that shine so bright, you might think they glow in the dark. However, Wedding Cake MAC is more than just a pretty flower, it produces a strong, calming effect that borders on sedative for inexperienced smokers. It also has the tendency to make you want to raid the fridge, so be sure you have munchies around! Thanks to those strong Cherry Pie genetics in Wedding Cake, Wedding Cake MAC will have a good amount of fruit flavor, but you will also get a subtle floral aroma indicative of many indicas. When it comes to newer strains of cannabis, it’s hard to beat a good GSC cross, and Wedding Cake MAC certainly lives up to that reputation. If you are looking to impress with your cannabis selection, look no further. 

Strain Genetics

Parents MAC