THC: -
CBD: -
CBC: -
CBG: -


Leonidas is a Super Silver Haze variation produced by Canadian LP Tweed. With genetic roots stemming from Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights, this sativa-dominant strain lifts you into a state of unencumbered happiness and focus. Citrus flavors mingle with a sweet and sour bite inherited from Leonidas’ Skunk ancestor, providing a flavorful precursor to the weightless euphoria to come. Like the Spartan warlord this strain was named after, Leonidas delivers a swift kick to depression, fatigue, and stress and sends them down a bottomless black pit.


Straintype Sativa
Difficulty -
Height >2m
Average yield 1-3 (oz/ft)²
Flowering days 74 Days
Environment -
Outdoor finish Mid October
Preferred medium Hydro

Grow Note

Grows best outdoors in equatorial regions between 35 degrees latitude north and south. Ideal for screen of green (SCROG) and low stress training (LST) methods. Sea of green (SOG) only recommended for growers skilled in height management.