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Haole is a Hawaiian term for a foreigner or anything that is not native to the Hawaiian Islands, which makes it the perfect name for this hybrid. Breeder Reserva Privada has taken the renowned sativa Maui Wowie and crossed it with the mainland’s LA Confidential to create Haole, a pleasant, calming strain that is well-suited to relieve stress and relax body pains. Though its genetics are balanced between indica and sativa, this cross tends to express itself with more emphasis on its indica traits. The aroma is sweet and earthy and is reminiscent of Grandma’s spice cake. Reserva Prevada chose a Maui Wowie mother due to its ease of growth and the consistent end product and then decided to influence the genetics with the manageable height, increased potency, and reduced flowering time of LA Confidential. The result is a beginner-friendly strain that is easy to grow and enjoyable for consumers of all experience levels.


Straintype Hybrid
Difficulty Easy
Height 1-2m
Average yield 3-6 (oz/ft)²
Flowering days -
Environment -
Outdoor finish -
Preferred medium -

Grow Note

9-10 weeks flower time 3-14 days germination time Beginner-friendly