Gooey Mendo Haze

THC: -
CBD: -
CBC: -
CBG: -


Gooey Mendo Haze is a cross between Old Mendo Haze and Pure Gooey, which are both exceptionally rare and highly sought-after genetics. Like its parents, Gooey Mendo Haze is known to get those creative juices flowing, however, unlike its parents, it produces a profoundly relaxing experience that can border on sedation if you aren’t an experienced consumer. It is typically lower in THC than other heavy hitters, but don’t let that fool you—the effects of this one stick around for a long time. You’ll smell a wonderful sweet and floral bouquet, with floral notes that linger in your mouth. A supremely tasty experience, Gooey Mendo Haze is a perfect strain for a joint. It produces a mellow mood that is perfect for both laid-back social encounters and dislodging the final lyrics to that song from your brain.