Go Time

High THC Strain
THC: 22%
CBD: -
CBC: -
CBG: 1%
Calming Energizing


Go Time is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred by JinxProof Genetics. A cross between Norton and JOG Kush, this uplifting strain is perfect for perking up moods, stimulating focus, and coercing arousal. Zesty lemon aromas combine with sour, skunky diesel notes with an earthy, hashy finish. As pretty as it is potent, Go Time flowers erupt with bulging calyxes of pastel purples, pinks, and greens underneath a snow-white coat of crystal resin. 


Straintype Hybrid
Difficulty Easy
Height 1-2m
Average yield 3-6 (oz/ft)²
Flowering days 60 Days
Environment -
Outdoor finish -
Preferred medium -

Grow Note

High calyx-to-leaf ratio Prepare for heavy colas by cropping early or staking Suitable for SCROG