Critical 47

THC: -
CBD: -
CBC: -
CBG: -


Critical 47 is hybrid in genetics and by name. A sweet, skunky cross between Critical Mass and AK-47 Critical 47 has a reputation for its pungent aroma and happy, relaxing effects. The rapid finishing time and flavors of mango, peach, and vanilla make Critical 47 a treat for growers and consumers alike. It is a great strain for cloning due to its small internodal distance and thick branches. However, its stong odor encourages the use of carbon filters when grown indoors.


Straintype Hybrid
Difficulty Moderate
Height 1-2m
Average yield 1-3 (oz/ft)²
Flowering days 53 Days
Environment Outdoor
Outdoor finish End of September
Preferred medium Soil

Grow Note

Carbon filters are a must for indoor grows Plant outdoor in soil to reach full genetic potential Quick flowering time Short vegetation time Great for cloning