Blue Dynamite

THC: 4%
CBD: 10%
CBC: -
CBG: -


Blue Dynamite, bred by Next Generation Seeds in Canada, is an indica-dominant strain that provides heavy mind and body relaxation alongside a fruity, hashy flavor. This powerhouse indica was bred from a BC Grapefruit clone known as Dynamite and an Afghani-Blueberry hybrid called Avalon. Combining the flavorful qualities of Dynamite with the resinous potential Avalon enables, we're left with a potent strain that can budge even the most stubborn cases of pain, nausea, and sleeplessness. High Times recognized Blue Dynamite among its Top 10 Strains of 2007, solidifying a reputation that keeps this strain firmly set in the cannabis market.


Straintype Indica
Difficulty Easy
Height <1m
Average yield 3-6 (oz/ft)²
Flowering days 46 Days
Environment -
Outdoor finish Early October
Preferred medium -

Grow Note

Good resistance to pests and disease High flower-to-leaf ratio Growers may allow a 50-60 day flowering cycle for optimal flavor and potency Yields typically fall between 400-500 grams per square meter

Strain Genetics

Parents Avalon - Dynamite
Children Jesus