Biddy Early

THC: 11%
CBD: -
CBC: -
CBG: -
Calming Energizing


Biddy Early is a 50/50 hybrid strain bred by Magus Genetics through crossing Early Skunk with Warlock. Drawing a connection between the War on Drugs and the era of witch hunts, its breeders named this strain after a 19th century healer accused of witchcraft. This hybrid healer works its medicinal sorcery by delievering a balanced, dreamy experience that envelopes both mind and body with unencumbered relief. With a sweet aroma similar to that of candy, Biddy Early offers satisfying yields of crystal-coated buds meant for harvest in the great outdoors.


Straintype Hybrid
Difficulty -
Height 1-2m
Average yield -
Flowering days 55 Days
Environment Outdoor
Outdoor finish Early October
Preferred medium Soil

Grow Note

Prefers temperate outdoor climates Lateral growth of flexible, easily trained branches Early flowering may be prompted by lack of nutrients, light, and/or root space Hardy and able to withstand harsh weather and wind Indoor yields typically fall between 300-400g/m² indoors Outdoor yields typically reach 300g per plant