Unmasking the Legendary Strain: The Mystery of MOB Revealed

Visit any dispensary in North America and you might find a legendary strain known as MOB (a.k.a. the Mother of Berries). Its origin story has been a mystery for quite some time—until now. Let's just say its originators made sure to keep their identities under wraps.

T.H. Seeds co-founder Doug explains, "In the mid- to late '90s, a bag of Cali weed ended up in Boston with a few seeds. It was called MOD, as those were the initials of the one who grew, mothered, and got it going. But they wanted to stay anonymous, so they changed it to MOB. The crew that made it happen were part of the old Boston skateboarding scene."

MOB is a short, compact plant that produces some of the most exquisite berrylike and highly resinous buds within 42-55 days of flowering. Not only do the buds have unusually good mold resistance, but its pink to purple flower coloration makes for a unique sight.

Its THC count is often higher than 20 percent, which means it hits hard and fast. The effects of MOB can be described as a very strong indica stone, providing deep relaxation leading to heavy sleepiness—it's no wonder why it's popular for those who battle insomnia and chronic pain. The flavor has been described as something unique and intensely berry-like.

MOB won second place in the indica category of the prestigious Expo Grow Cannabis Cup 2015 in Irun, Spain, solidifying its place in history. The Doc then went on to cultivate four plants in his grow room and reported that the flowering time was incredibly fast. After four weeks of flowering, the four plants were already looking impressive, bushy, and plentifully bestrewn with resin glands. After 46-52 days of flowering, the yield was 68 grams per plant on average.

The smoke test proved to be extraordinary, with a sweet stack of smoke that had an intense fruity berry flavor. The Doc proclaimed his love for the strain's sweetness and enjoyed a thorough and powerful relaxation, followed by a deep, lasting sleep.

What more needs to be said about the remarkable MOB? It's a strong weed with so many redeeming qualities. No debate, no argument. Put it in your tank, and you'll see what we mean.