Unlocking the World of Psychedelics: Willy Myco and Philly Golden Teacher's Mission

From budding mycologists to seasoned psychedelic enthusiasts, Willy Myco and Philly Golden Teacher have made it their mission to provide resources and education around psychedelic production and consumption. The two have amassed a huge following who support their efforts and even help fund legal costs when needed.

From throwing TTF parties to giving away money out of pocket, Willy is devoted to preserving the legacy of psychedelic culture and helping people build their own empires off of the drug. Philly stays mainly behind the scenes, using a voice modulator and working on advanced mycology projects, such as creating "strains" through crossbreeding. He has also been working on developing and distributing lineage cards on different mushroom "strains", which he excitedly calls "going full Pokemon".

The two of them both mention the importance of decriminalization over legalization of psychedelics and stress that it should be seen as more of a tool than a medicine. Regardless on what their personal opinions are, Willy and Philly remain devoted to educating and enlightening others on the world of psychedelics - the healthiest and safest way to consume them.