Unlocking the Potential of Cannabis: BioHarvest Sciences Pioneers Revolutionary New Cloning Technology

Calling it a revolutionary advancement in the cannabis industry, BioHarvest Sciences is pioneering a new way to Clone Cannabis Cells. With their Bio-Plant CELLicitation™ technology, the company is creating a powdery biomass that has all of the active compounds of cannabis—up to 12 times the potency—while reducing resource and land requirements by over 90%.

The team doesn’t genetically engineer cells, but instead cultures them from hemp cells in a special bioreactor. Their method reduces plant matter waste and is even more efficient than growing the cannabis plants traditionally. This process produces a full-spectrum product of trichomes that represent 93% of the biomass.

The co-founders, Drs. Yochi Hagay and Zaki Rakib, have come a long way since meeting in 2007. They are now producing Vinia, derived from red grape cells, that contains a rich complex of polyphenols which is good for cardiovascular health. And they have a presence in the U.S. and Canada.

The world of cannabis is quickly changing and BioHarvest Sciences is at the forefront. Their system can make the industry far more useful with lower cost to our planetary resources.