Why trimming?

Appearance - This makes the flowers look high-quality.Pleasant to smoke - If the flower is completely trimmed, it is more comfortable to smoke.THC concentration - The sugar leaves on your flower have a lower THC content than the actual flower.The cut sugar leaves can be further processed to extract the THC. See extractions

There are two ways to trim

Wet trim (trim before drying)Dry trim (trim after drying)

We recommend "Wet trim", as the leaves are easier to cut off.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Prepare your workplace: The workplace should be comfortable and you should provide a little entertainment. In addition, you need a large table to store the cut branches and the trim (the cut leaves) on.

Wash your hands and put on gloves: Every thin disposable glove is well suited. If you do not wear gloves, you must remove all the trichomes on your fingers with alcohol. With water and soap alone these are not removable.

Take a pruner and cut the lower branches of the plant. These are the most stable and can destroy normal scissors. Remember, you may have to cut large branches in the middle to make them easier to handle.Remove the sun leaves: The large leaves protruding from the stem, can be easily broken off with your fingers. Trim the sugar leaves: The small leaves near the flower, which are also mostly covered with trichomes, are called sugar leaves. These leaves do not need to be cut directly on the stem. You should just remove the part that protrudes from the flower. These leaves can be reused for extractions.

Always try to leave the flowers on the stems, so you can hang them more easily and they will dry more slowly. More tips

You can reuse the trim residues as a natural fertilizer or dispose them.