S.O.G. (Sea of ​​Green)


Sea of ​​Green is a method of cultivating cannabis. This causes the cannabis to flower after a very short vegetative stage. This method allows a much earlier harvest and no high rooms are required.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Germinate seeds or take cuttings to create clones.
  2. Let them grow to a height of about 30cm. A light cycle of 18/6 or 24/0 is recommended.
  3. Place 4 plants on 40x40 cm space (you should adapt to the room size)
  4. 2 days before you switch to the flowering stage, you should cut the lowest branches (to have the plant focused at the important leaves and to take new clones).
  5. Switch them to the flowering stage. A light cycle of 12/12 is required for this.
  6. Harvest when the plants are finished. (The yields per plant are lower than growing “normally” but in relation to the required space, you produce more)

S.O.G. Works best with Indica dominant strains, since these are usually smaller and bushier and they stop growing in the flowering stage. Sativa dominant strains can also work, but are usually not as well suited as Indica, as they continue to grow during the flowering stage. It is best to top Sativa dominant strains a few days before switching them into the flowering stage (topping means cutting of the top part of the plant). Indicas like White Widow, Big Bud and Super Skunk are good for S.O.G.. Sativas like Amnesia or Super Silver Haze are also suitable if they are topped before.