SCROG (Screen of Green)


SCROG is a productive and efficient method to grow cannabis when the number of plants is limited. The net in SCROG is critical. A net or grid, usually made of strings or wire, is stretched to hold back the growing canopy (Sun leaves). The net grid should be 10x10 cm at least 5x5 cm in size so that the plant can easily grow through and be supported by the net. The grid distance to the earth is about 30cm for Indica dominant strains. For Sativa dominant strains 40-65cm are more common. The plants grow 7-10 cm through the net and are then pressed again at another place underneath to fill the entire net.

The net:

Best use wire or a thin stable rope. The size of the net is determined by the size of your lamp or the size of your area. Optimum light consumption per m2 (100x100cm) is obtained at approx. 550W HPS. Lights

Here are some examples of the net size:

150W HPS lamp = net size: 55cm x 55cm

250W HPS lamp = net size: 70cm x 70cm

400W HPS lamp = net size: 90cm x 80cm

600W HPS lamp = net size: 105cm x 105cm

1000W HPS lamp = net size: 135cm x 140cm

Once you have prepared the net, attach it over your area. A few screws are enough. You need to find out at which height you want to attach the net. For this you ask the following question: How bright is my lamp and has my lamp a high heat development?

Distance of the lamp to the net:

150W HPS = 25cm - 30cm

250W HPS = 30cm - 38cm

400W HPS = 40cm - 50cm

600W HPS = 50cm+

1000W HPS = 60cm+

If your lamp is cold enough to bring it closer to the plants, it is good for you, if not it is not that bad either.
You should change to the flowering stage at the right time. If you switch too early, you do not get the maximum yield and if you change too late, the plant hinders itself, which is also reflected in the yield.
The mass of the plant will approximately double in the flowering stage, so you should change into the flowering stage, if the net is approximately half filled.
In the flowering stage, the lower leaves should be removed.