Cannabis friendly fertilizers are important if you are using fertilizers. Many fertilizers simply do not contain the right nutrients to allow the plant to grow and flower well. It is important to select the fertilizer according to the medium in which you cultivate e.g. soil. Cannabis fertilizers usually consist of several bottles with different nutrients. The use of the fertilizer is very easy as the manufacturers usually provide an overview in which you can see how much the plant needs in the different flowering weeks. The maximum values are given on these overviews.
Two brands of cannabis fertilizers that are commonly used are: Advanced Nutrients and Remo Nutrients

Not all strains of cannabis need the same amount of nutrients, e.g. All types of autoflowers need only a fraction of the nutrients that normal plants need. A plant should always get as little fertilizer as possible without showing any deficits, then the taste of the harvested flowers is usually the best.

For the plants to absorb the nutrients at all, they need the correct pH value in the root environment. The best way to ensure the pH value is correct, is to test the pH value of the fertilized water before use. The pH value influences the plant's ability to absorb the nutrients. If the pH value of the water is wrong, the plants can not absorb the nutrients and show deficits. It is fairly easy, quickly and inexpensively to test and change the pH value of the water.

You only need:

a pH meter

pH correction fluids:

pH + (for growth & flowering)

pH - for growth

pH - for flowering stage.

With these pH correcting fluids you have to be very careful, since small amounts have a great effect on the pH value of your water. Guideline values ​​for the pH value (these are really only guideline values ​​and must be tested by yourself) In soil: 6.0 - 7.0 pH (we recommend starting with 6.5). In Hydroponics (without soil) 5.5 - 6.5 pH.