No Need to Flush: New Research Reveals That Flushing Cannabis Before Harvest May Not Enhance Quality

This month, research revealed that flushing plants before harvest may not be necessary to enhance the quality of cannabis flower. In a trial done by RX Green Technologies, experts conducted tests determining that there was no significant change in the mineral content of cannabis flower as a result of different flushing treatments before harvest. Furthermore, when distributed to industry professionals, the cannabis flower didn’t show any differences in flavor, smoothness of smoke, or color of ash.

As Stephanie Wedryk, director of research and development at RX Green Technologies, states “I talked to a grower at the event who doesn’t flush and he’s perfectly happy with his product.” This may hint that the quantity of nutrients used, instead of flushing, may be essential when cultivating high-quality cannabis.

Nevertheless, the researchers suggest that cultivators should pay attention to their unique set of circumstances when deciding which practices to adopt for their crop. As Wedryk mentioned “Stay tuned” for further research, which may uncover even more ways to successfully cultivate high grade cannabis.