Maximizing your Cannabis Cultivation with the Latest Innovations: A Grower's Guide

Growers, feast your eyes on the newest and most innovative products to hit the cannabis scene!

From cloning aids to climate control technology and lighting upgrades, here are a few must-have items for those looking to take their cultivation game to the next level.

Roots is the perfect product for carefree rooting. The Cyclone Rooting Gel from REMO helps protect vulnerable cut ends and encourages root growth without any undue stress.

Monitoring the environmental conditions in your grow room is essential and with the Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer, you can keep track of all the necessary data, customize it to your own specs, and have alert notifications sent directly to your phone!

Want to reduce heat and electricity costs while keeping plants healthy and productive? Spectrum King’s SK402 LED Grow Light 120º Reflector is the way to go! Plus, you’ll get maximum intensity at a low cost--all packed into a water-resistant shell.

For an all-in-one, ready-to-grow solution, check out the BloomBox from BC Northern Lights. This high-tech system allows for perpetual harvesting with a touch-screen control center to automate timers, fans and pumps, as well as activated-charcoal for odor control.