Mastering the Art of Bottom Watering: Achieving the Perfect Balance for Your Plants

Achieving the perfect balance of hydration for your plants can seem like a daunting challenge. Here’s a helpful tip: instead of keeping to a stubborn watering schedule, observe your plants and adjust accordingly! Let them dictate when they want food, just like organic grower Dr. Av Singh recommends.

Watering from the bottom is also key in achieving harmony with your houseplants. Get ready to give your plants a luxurious bath with the following steps:

1. Fill the saucer with water, and make sure the level is high enough to reach the soil at the bottom of your pot.

2. Place the pot into the saucer.

3. Allow your plant to sit and relax in its bath for 10-15 minutes, during which time you can check if the soil is sufficiently moist.

4. Remove the plant from the saucer and discard any excess water.

The advantages of this method are plentiful - from promoting strong root growth to avoiding oversaturation of the soil and burn marks on leaves. You can even feed from the bottom by following the same steps - just add nutrients to the water prior to placing your pot in the saucer.

So, go ahead and give it a try today! With a bit of practice, watering and feeding your plants in harmony will be a breeze.