Irrigation Systems


Plants need different amounts of water in their different life cycles. You should always remember that your plant will consume up to 50% more water after switching into the flowering stage. The water consumption increases constantly in the flowering stage. But in the last two weeks of the flowering stage the water consumption can drop a bit.

Pump Irrigation Systems

Pump irrigation systems are mostly used when watering a large amount of plants. These systems require a water tank, but it can be at any height. A pump is used in the water tank. A timer should be used to control the pump. Common sizes are 4, 8, 12, 24, and 36 outputs. If you want to supply plants of different sizes, it is advisable to use a system with several outputs, so you can distribute the outputs to the plants individually.
With these systems you should pay attention to quality, as cheap products often clog. In order to avoid clogging with high-quality products, you should avoid algae formation in the water and clean the water tank sometimes.
Algae forms in water when it contains nutrients and light is incident. Therefore you should place the container with water as dark as possible (aluminum foil directs the light well from the container).

Drop Blumats

Drop Blumats are a good solution for Growers with 12 or less plants in a small space. You need a water container for the Blumats, which has to be elevated. The higher the container, the longer the water flows. (1m height = 1m distance). The Blumats are connected by a tube to the container and put into the soil, where they give off water when the soil is too dry. You can adjust how much water the Blumats drop to the plant.

Suction Blumats

Suction Blumats work according to the same principle as drop Blumats, but in the case of suction Blumats, the water container must be lower than the top edge of the Blumats head. Suction - Blumats are recommended if you want to grow some plants decentrally. They are a good solution for grower with 12 or fewer plants on a wide area. The Blumats are put into the soil and spent water when the soil is too dry. You can adjust how much water the Blumats drop to the plant. Suction Blumats are well suited to water individual plants without the need for electricity.