Home Grow: Legalize It!" - Understanding the Global Trend towards Cannabis Home Growing

Recent developments in Argentina, amongst others, portend to the world that home grow is becoming a global norm. This is reflective of the changing times and recognition of the role of cannabis in healthcare systems. Spanish Supreme Court justices unanimously upheld the right of people to use cannabis to treat themselves and their loved ones, while still protecting the need for state oversight in registration and tracking. Growing your own cannabis is not a revolutionary act, but a natural consequence of the ever-growing acceptance of the medical and recreational use of the plant.

The trend of home growing, with government regulations or not, is gaining traction from Thailand to Malta and Luxembourg to Italy, and of course Argentina, who is following the trend set by Israel in 2014. Fortunately, governments are recognizing the fact that home growing cannabis is not necessarily subversive, but sensible. Governments in western states are being forced to confront their broken healthcare systems, particularly concerning chronic care, and understand the pressing need for individuals to have access to medical cannabis regardless of cost. Home grow in this context is an excellent solution; it allows patients to take matters into their own hands while possibly stimulating the legal market and generating jobs, revenue, and taxes.

It is only a matter of time until home growing will be recognized as a fundamental right. Though laws may vary from country to country, the message is clear: home growing medicinal or recreational cannabis should no longer be considered a taboo, but rather a practical resolution to the access issues caused by poverty and criminalization.