Harvesting Cannabis at the Right Time: Unlocking the Secret of Trichomes

Harvesting cannabis can be daunting, especially when it comes to the timing. Too early, and the resin glands are underdeveloped and not as potent. Too late, and THC has already degraded into CBN. To make sure you’re harvesting your plants at the right time, look closely at the trichomes. These little glass mushrooms are filled with cannabinoid compounds and essential oils, none of which should be harvested too early, or too late.

If you take a magnifying device, such as a microscope or a loupe, and look closely at the trichomes, you'll be able to see them go from clear and cloudy, to white, and then eventually amber. If most of the gland heads are clear and cloudy, the effects will be more of an uplifting high. If amber dominates, you can expect a more lethargic effect.

It's worth noting that some concentrate makers opt to harvest earlier on purpose in order to get lighter-colored oils that are more desired in the market, even if this means sacrificing a slight amount of potency.

Whatever the case, timing is key when you're harvesting cannabis. Make sure you pay attention to the trichomes, so you can get the most out of your plant!