Grow Weed on a Budget: The Basics Made Easy

The basics of how to grow weed have become easier than ever. Perfect for discreet spaces and those on a budget, all you need are the right tools and some knowledge. For starters, get yourself a decent grow tent - they’re affordable, easy to set up and take down by one person, as well as offer multiple chambers for vegetative growth and cloning.

Next, you’ll need the perfect lighting system - ideal options include HID, LED or CFL systems with ballasts, bulbs, and reflectors. You will also need an exhaust fan and active carbon filter to reduce heat and odors, as well as a clip-on fan for air circulation. Lastly, don’t forget to pick up a thermometer and hygrometer so you can keep track of temperature and humidity levels.

When your plants start to grow, raise the lighting system. Set the light timer to 18 hours a day for the vegetative stage and 12 hours a day for the flowering stage. During the vegetative stage, it’s important to look out for overfeeding and overwatering, as well as pruning and training techniques if growing sativa varieties. Once you’ve determined the flowering time for your strain, start flushing your grow medium and start the flowering.

When it comes time to harvest your buds, examine them through a loupe or strong magnifying scope. Harvest once the majority of gland heads begin to go cloudy white and before they’re completely amber. After trimming and hanging your buds, let them dry for 5-14 days. Then move on to jarring them up and curing in a cool dark place. By following these steps you’ll have perfectly dried and cured buds that burn and taste delicious.

Take the time to properly learn how to grow weed and enjoy the amazing results of your work - a grade-A product with an epic yield!