Cloning Cannabis


Cloning cannabis is the easiest and fastest method to get to many new plants for free.
Cloning means creating a small copy of a large plant.

Advantages of cloning (instead of using new seeds)

No seeds have to be bought or produced (saves money)You have an exact copy of the original plant, this is just as old and has the same sexIt is very easy to get a lot of new plantsYou can create the clones at any time in the vegetative stage of the mother plantClones can be brought into the flowering stage more quickly

How to clone

Simply put: Take one suitable part of the plant and put it into soil. The roots grow from every branch.

What you need

A mother plant in the vegetative stageSharp clean scissors or a bladeRockwool blocksRoot gel (Remo roots)Clone lights (they are not very bright but cheap and energy-saving)A greenhouse or an extra cloning systemIsopropyl alcohol (for disinfection)(Possibly a heating mat)

Step-by-step instructions

  1. First wash and disinfect all tools. Look for a beautiful little branch of your mother plant where several leaves grow out in different places.
  2. Put the rockwool blocks in water for a few minutes so they can absorb it.
  3. Take the selected branch and cut it at a 45° angle, slightly below the leaves.
  4. Cut the lower part (approx. 5mm) of the clone in the middle and dip it well into the clone gel.Spray the clones with water.
  5. You can mix the water with Velo Kelp (Remo Nutrients).
  6. Moisten the greenhouse with a spray bottle and place all the clones in.
  7. If you have a heating mat, place the greenhouse on it and set the temperature to approx. 28-30°C.
  8. Keep the upper part of the greenhouse always moist to achieve the highest possible humidity.
  9. The clone lamp should be mounted close to the greenhouse and should be turned on for 18-24 hours a day.
  10. The clones should form roots after 1-2 weeks, which grow out of the blocks. You can now plant the clones and bring them into the vegetative stage. You can remove the blocks or leave them, that makes only little difference.
  11. The clones can be brought into the flowering stage already after root formation, if you wish.