Bubble Hash


Bubble Hash is a kind of hash. Hash is a concentrated cannabis that can be extracted by various methods.
Bubble Hash is cannabis in its purest form, since it consists almost exclusively of cannabinoids, which are separated from the remaining plant material. This results in a very high THC content.

The production of Bubble Hash

The production of Bubble Hash is simple and cost-effective. The resin heads (also known as trichomes) are then separated from the cannabis plant. For this, fine nets are used in the form of cloth bags called bubble bags. Sizes: 25μ to 220μ. The resin heads / beads are collected and grinded, the resulting powder held together by the oils in the resin heads.

What you need

Frozen flowers or trim (cannabis leaves with sugar-like dust)

Bubble Bag Set

Bucket (make sure that the size corresponds to the bubble bags)

Cheese graterIce (a lot)

Large bowl

Rolling pinTowel

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Put the bags in your bucket from small to large (25μ down, ..., 220μ above).
  2. Fill the bucket with water until the top bag is full to a quarter of water. Then add ice until a third of the top bag is filled. Trim or flowers.
  3. Add ice to the ice.
  4. Long and strong stir with a handle or blender. (The better it is stirred, the better the final product, mix 15 to 20 minutes)
  5. Leave for 15 minutes.
  6. Carefully lift up the first bag and drain for 30 minutes. (Do not express)
  7. Pull the next bag and drain completely into the bucket. (Do not express)
  8. If you have a 160μ Bubble Bag in your set, drain it completely into the bucket and then dispose of the remaining contents.
  9. Always pull the bubble bags individually from the bucket and drain them.
  10. Slip each bubble bag individually with the inside outwards over a large bowl. Now you can scratch the bubble hash from the bags.
  11. Place the supplied pressing screen on a towel and place the bubble hash on it.
  12. Fold the pressing screen in the middle, cover it with the towel and press the whole. With a rolling pin.
  13. Then freeze the bubble hash with pressing screen.
  14. Rub the bubble hash over thick cardboard with the cheese berry.